Events in Leogang & Saalfelden

"A life without festivals is like a week without a weekend."
Hermann Lahm (1948) 

There is always something going in in the region of Saalbach-Saalfelden-Leogang! Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter - thanks to the good organization of the tourist association, an incomparable variety of leisure activities is offered. Locals and visitors from all over the world enjoy the multitude of regular events and festivals that take place here. The traditional, annual local farmers' autumn festival (“Pinzgauer Bauernherbst”) is one of the main attractions alongside the incomparable Jazz Festival. For those who enjoy the flair and quality of local markets, you'll find a wide range of home produced foods and handmade crafts at the weekly Saalfelden Market every Friday between 8 a.m. and 12:30 lunchtime.

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Here is an extract of amazing events in Saalfelden:

Saalfelden unites cultures with the “Kulturfest”

In Leogang the local folklore society, “Pinzgauer Traditionsverein” invites Serbian and Bosnian cultural associations to join when they celebrate the wonderful Festival of Cultures where local customs, folklore traditions and crafts are presented. This is a festival for all the senses and leaves a lasting impression on its visitors.

Mountains on Fire

Alongside the many Catholic holidays and church celebrations the region also has a long folklore heritage with local customs which have been passed on from one generation to the next. One of these traditions is the lighting of midsummer bonfires. Just in time for astronomical solstice the Pinzgau's mountain ranges are brought to light - hundreds of fires illuminate the peaks and meadows of the Steinernes Meer and Leogang's Steinberg Mountain The light is a symbol of fertility for the mountain pastures that they illuminate. It's an amazing sight that you don't get to see every day.


At the annual village get-together local women present their typical Austrian “Dirndl” dresses with pride. The “Dirndl” is a part of Austria's heritage and the styles and colour combinations vary according to the region. At the jovial village festival locals enjoy the traditional rhyming songs and visitors get an insight into true Alpine life.

Sounds at the Asitz

Between June and August up and coming artists from various different genres present their works in a series of four concerts. On the “Mountain of the Senses” you can enjoy some fantastic music surrounded by the stunning mountain scenery. 

Jazz Festival

Every year on the last weekend in August jazz fans pilger to Saalfelden for the annual festival. For over 30 years now the Saalfelden Jazz Festival has been a magnet for jazz enthusiasts who enjoy a weekend of soothing music in a truly unique atmosphere.  

Bauernherbst – Farmers' Autumn Festival

Autumn is the golden end of the agricultural year. The ripe fruits and grain are brought in from the orchards and fields. Cattle are herded down from the mountain pastures and the people of Leogang start to prepare for the winter. The Farmers' Autumn Festival celebrates a successful harvest and the events are a kind of thanksgiving for riches that the land produces. During the festivities you get a chance to experience life in the mountains and taste some traditional local delicacies.

Alpine hikes

Summer in Leogang is a great time to explore the mountains and valleys of the region. Gentle hikes at your own pace will take you from one mountain pasture hut (or Alm) to the next where delicious local specialities like “Kasnock`n” (home-made cheesy noodles) and Kaiserschmarnr (chunky chopped pancakes) are served straight from the pan! The “Leogang Alm Summer” gives you the chance to enjoy fantastic Alpine scenery on the wide range of varied hiking paths.

“Oktoberfest” in Saalfelden

Although Munich stages the biggest “Oktoberfest” in the world, you don't need to go to Bavaria to enjoy great beer, traditional music and a fantastic atmosphere. Far from the hustle and bustle of Munich's huge event, Saalfelden stages its own October Festival.

Christmas Market in Saalfelden

As the nights close in and the snowflakes gently begin to fall, you know that Christmas can’t be too far away. The Christmas Markets in Leogang, Saalfelden, Zell am See and Saalbach are the ideal way to get into the Christmas spirit. Surrounded by beautiful winter landscapes and with the smell of mulled wine, Christmas biscuits and roasted chestnuts, you can enjoy the seasonal atmosphere and do some Christmas shopping during Advent.  

Krampus & Perchten

During Advent strange beasts roam the streets of Leogang. While good children are visited by Saint Nicholas with small presents, those who have been naughty are visited by the “Krampus”. The Krampus has horns, rough fur and often claws. Similar creatures the “Perchten” are so frightening; their job is to scare away the evil spirits of the year as it comes to an end. In Advent these costumed events are always a great highlight and the “beasts” put on a spectacular show for spectators of all ages. On one evening they take over Leogang's village square, an event that shouldn't be missed.