Wining & Dining in Leogang

But no pleasure is fleeting, for the impression it leaves behind is ever lasting. 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

Holidays give you the chance to enjoy an evening meal together, to try out new dishes or to order something you love but haven't eaten for ages. Here in the Saalfelden Leogang Region meals are lovingly prepared with eye for tradition and creativity and you can taste the difference with every bite.

The people of Pinzgau are very conscious of their heritage; they respect the local customs and traditions which are indelibly rooted in their everyday life. Family recipes are handed down from one generation to the next creating the wide range of traditional meals on offer in the region. The long-standing local heritage, the affinity with the countryside and the strong feeling of community form the foundation of the region's cuisine. Innovative interpretations of traditional dishes bring new life into local menus and make wining and dining in Leogang a true pleasure.

The original Pinzgau cuisine is said to be hearty and delicious. Regardless of whether you choose to dine in an exclusive restaurant or a down-to-earth country inn you will always discover typical local delicacies such as the PinzgauerNidai (potato noodles), Bladl (savoury doughnuts) or Bachlkoch (sweet milk soup) on the menu. So join us on a culinary journey through time into the heart of Leogang. 

Original Saalach Valley farm produce

“Take care of your body so your soul is happy to live in it.”
Teresa von Ávila

When looking for local grown produce of the highest standard, the search will inevitably bring you to the Saalach Valley Farmers. Here you will find home-grown fruit and vegetables and self-made products. The local cooperation of farmers ensures that sustainable and efficient agriculture remains a mainstay of the community and that the countryside and its resources are well cared for. The beneficial climatic location, the centuries of farming experience within the families and progressive farming methods guarantee produce of an excellent quality and a safe future for the agricultural industry in the region. Whether you choose freshly smoked bacon from locally husbanded pigs or creamy butter from milk produced on the nearby mountain pastures – you’ll taste the difference. You can buy traditionally and locally produced goods here:

The Farm Shop in Saalfelden is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 12 noon and on Fridays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. It offers local specialities and regional farm produce from The Saalach Valley Farmers such as bread and dairy products.
Address: Hütten 37, 5771 Leogang 

Sold direct from the farm: Johann And Renate Scheiber – dairy products like milk, yoghurt and cheese made on the farm. 
Address: Hirnreit 8, 5771 Leogang

Bernhard Perwein from the company Zieferhof "Mei Muich" offers and innovative bread and milk delivery service.
Address: Otting 7, 5771 Leogang

Regional and seasonal fruit and vegetables are sold directly from the Biohof Stechaubauer Farm.
Address: Wiesberg 3, 5760 Saalfelden

Wine and dine in the traditional local inns and restaurants. Most are just a short walk away.

Gasthaus Alte Schmiede

Address: Rain 6, 5771 Leogang

The cosy mountain restaurant where you feel at home straight away! Located at an altitude of 1760 m this converted forge literally offers traditional cooking at a very high level.  Part restaurant, part museum, the atmosphere is truly unique and the rustic surroundings make the traditional meals taste even more delicious. The old forge was singled out for an award in 2013 by the Falstaff gourmet magazine. In addition to an excellent breakfast dishes available, the restaurant treats its guests with local specialities like traditional Pinzgau Dumplings or the hearty “PingzauerGröstl” fried potatoes.

Restaurant Riederalm

Address: Rain 100,  5771 Leogang

The gourmet restaurant Riederalm serves newly interpreted traditional dishes and exciting new flavour combinations in wonderfully atmospheric surroundings. Here the guest remains the focus of attention and can look forward to an inspiring menu. 

Gasthaus Priesteregg

Address: Leogang 82, 5771 Leogang

“Fantastic, back to the roots and ingenious”. This is how guests have described the rustic mountain pasture inn the “Almgasthof Priesteregg”. Whether you choose a salad with the pumpkin seed oil so typical of the region, fresh meat fillets on the table grill or juicy spare ribs – you are sure to enjoy Austrian cuisine at its best. 

Restaurant Bachmühle

Address: Sonnberg 148, 5771 Leogang

In this ever faster moving world most of us long for a haven of calm and tranquillity – the Restaurant Bachmühle is just such a place. This family-run restaurant treats its discerning guests to real culinary highlights. Alongside traditional Pinzgau dishes prepared according to old family recipes, individual needs and tastes are also catered for such as gluten-free and vegetarian meals. According to season a special range of game or mushroom dishes are also served for the optimal dining experience throughout the year.

Restaurant Hubertus

Address: Hütten 40, 5774 Leogang

Authenticity and genuine hospitality are the fundamental values which prevail at the Restaurant Hubertus, principles which can be tasted. In the lovingly decorated and cosy dining room a wide variety of meals are served; from hearty, local specialities to freshly caught regional fish and wholefood dishes. Special attention is paid to the origin of the food cooked and wherever possible local, organic and seasonal products are used. 

Gasthof Hüttwirt

Address: Hütten 9, 5771 Leogang

If its succulent roast pork with dumplings that you’re dreaming of or crispy roast duck, then at the Gasthof Hüttwirt you’ve come to the right place. And to make sure that your favourite meal is accompanied by the appropriate wine, there’s always the Hüttenwirt wine cellar. Look forward to regional cuisine that has made a name for itself well beyond Salzburg’s borders. And to finish off your meal, how about a delicious strudel?   

The Beisl Jedermann

Address: Leogang 62, 5771 Leogang

The Restaurant Jedermann (Everyman) invites its guests to wine, dine and be merry. Its central location in the heart of Leogang, its rustic interior and friendly service have made it a popular meeting point and a great place to eat out. Choose from baked potatoes in their jackets, a variety of delicious main courses or stone-baked pizzas – there’s something to suit “everyman’s” taste.

Cafè and Restaurant Dorf-Alm

Address: Sonnrain 31, 5774 Leogang

Enjoy the unbeatable flair of an original mountain hut – in the valley! The proprietors conjure up delicious dishes using only the very best ingredients for an utterly new culinary experience.  

Cafè Bar Snow In

Address: Hütten 1, 5774 Leogang

This is a great little bar. Enjoy the friendly service and lovingly prepared beverages.  Treat yourself to some “time out” in the Cafè Bar Snow In and simply unwind. 

Cafè Bar Pfiff

Address: Leogang Nr. 41, 5774 Leogang

This small café is the “in place” to meet in Leogang. The Cafè Bar Pfiff is frequented by both locals and holiday makers during the day as well as by night. Whether you choose a steaming cup of coffee or a cool cocktail – this is the place to meet, chat and be happy.